I am a life coach, workshop facilitator and mother of 3 children and up until now have been a habitual overthinker, I’ve always blamed myself, mentally beat myself up and created a lot of emotional pain for myself.

I failed so many times in life and each time I failed I found in retrospect this to be a beautiful steppingstone to next best thing in life. Each stage of my life demanded different things from me, many times I never had the right tools and often I attempted to use the unhealthy tools of the past that just didn’t work anymore and didn’t serve me anymore. So, I discarded the old tools and went on a journey of exploration to try and figure things out. I’m still trying to figure things out by constantly learning, working with sisters, trying out different things and inching forward just a little every single day.

I’m trying to minimise resentment, overwhelm and feelings of shame and replace them with happiness, gratitude and authenticity.

I want to live a life that feel good on the inside instead of one that just looks good on the outside. I want to be able to look back on my life and be happy about who I was, what I did and who ultimately became in the process.

Today I am blessed to be able to help sisters achieve the results they desire in all areas of their life. My sisters range from young newlyweds, couples in chaotic marriages to sisters going through painful divorces. We are working to together to change the results in their lives

I feel so honoured to work with these sisters to help improve their relationships, their confidence, their physical, mental and emotional health. I truly feel so blessed to able to do what I love; this work fills my cup up like nothing else.

Seeing these sisters reach their goals, achieve what they want in life and find their confidence gives me so much happiness.